Serving Saskatoon and area for over 50 years



  • full bookkeeping services, both manual & electronic
    • monthly, quarterly or annual
    • bank summaries & reconciliations
    • sales summaries
    • cash & credit card summaries
    • accounts receivable reconciliations
  • processing & issuing client cheques for accounts payable
  • reconciling & filing trust liabilities (GST, PST)
  • payroll services incl. employee benefit assessments, deduction remittances, and Workers Compensation 
  • Labour Standards information (free of charge)
  • reconciliation & filing T4’s, T4A’s, T5’s and T5018’s
  • data processing
  • interim “cash” financial reporting
  • advisory on proper bookkeeping system and/or software
  • advisory on proper filing procedures to facilitate our services and CRA requirements
  • provide opening trial balance & closing adjusting entries for client computer write-up
  • New Housing GST rebate calculations and filings for Contractors


  • interim & year end financial statements
    (where information is available, comparatively)
    • if a Review Engagement is required, we can arrange through third party professional to have it completed
  • personal & corporate income tax filing
  • after year end meeting to advise on results, corrections made, suggestions to improve, and directions to follow
  • preparation & filing of Trust tax returns
  • corporate & personal tax planning prior to and post fiscal & calendar year ends
  • review & repair, if necessary, client prepared bookkeeping records (suggestions why a client’s approach might be causing needless cost in the hands of a professional office at year end)
  • where formal financial statements are prepared at year end, we provide, free of charge, an 8-page, 3-year comparative, analysis of common business ratios applied to your statements, with an easy to read explanation based on your results, your changes, and your trends
    (if used appropriately, a significant planning tool)


(subject to possible free of charge)
  • Sec. 85 Rollovers & Agreements for Sale
    on incorporation of non-corp. entity
  • Advisory on Intended Business Acquisition & Valuation
  • Cash Flow & Business Plan
  • Staff Profile Analysis
  • Systems Review & Internal Control
  • Software Advisory
  • Business Operations & Financial Results   
  • Purchase or Lease Evaluation
  • Tax Planning & Estate/Retirement Considerations
  • Employee Involvement and/or Encouragement Methods
  • Corporate Structuring & Tax Implications



  • Registrations with Information Services Corporation (ISC)
    • Incorporations
    • Name Search, Reservation & Registration
    • Dissolutions
    • Restorations
  • Amendments to ISC registrations: (free of charge)
    • Officers, Directors, Shareholders
    • Registered Office and/or Mailing Address
  • Registrations for GST, PST, WCB and Payroll



(free of charge)

Over the many years, we have repeatedly supported or argued many causes that our clients
have embroiled themselves in. It could be with the bank, CRA, Workers Compensation, Labour Standards,
PST, or even potential legal issues that might need clarification.

We have consolidated our approach into what we call our “Client Advocacy Program”, 
a much appreciated professional link between our client and those so often stressful interventions

that seem to accomplish nothing more than reducing our career focus to an unhappy future.
So we step in and manage the proceedings and decide whether other professionals need to be involved.
(lawyers, financial planners, etc.)
We identify . . . We process . . . We take away the anxiety.
We make a plan . . . and we carry it through to an acceptable completion.
And you get back to work.

Call us . . . let’s discuss it further.
Let’s find out what your needs really are.
   Don’t spend your well earned profits on irrelevant thinking – let us help clear the path.